Join us as we venture once again to the Mojave for a psytrance gathering to celebrate as the winter cycles of life draw to a close so our coming journeys may begin anew with clear minds and open hearts. Burn away shadows from the past in a cleansing inner fire of ritual dance to seventeen hours of music in the barren purity and majestic solitude of the high desert.

Ghreg On Earth  (M.o.E. / Earth)
  We are blessed to have Ghreg return after an acclaimed release of his album with 3 hours of new and reworked material to share with us so ready yourself for a profound aural experience.
Arahat aka Hidroponik (Cosmic Theatre / San Diego)
Belgian Goa Madness (Mindfull / Los Angeles)
Bodhisattva 13:20 ( / San Diego)
Dylalien (M.o.E. / San Francisco)
Konflux (Psytribe / Los Angeles)
Spaceturtle (Mindfull / San Francisco)
EgNogRa (Shaman Films / San Francisco)
Spyros (Psytribe / Los Angeles)

Sound by Network 23

XLR8R by the Omega Crew

Visuals provided by EgNogRa (Shaman Films /
Celebrating debut label release V/A "AH PUCH" Lord of the 9th Demension (

Tea all night by Psychai

The event will be at an easily accessible private location only three hours north of Los Angeles and seven hours south of San Francisco. On the cusp of the equinox we should have excellent weather that won't get too hot or cold though there'll be shade structures and a large fire in case it does. Please be sure to bring plenty of your own supplies and trash bags to take everything back with you. Tickets will be sold at the door for $20 or $15 if you have more than two people in your car. Keep checking this page for directions and set times to be posted closer to March 18th.