Free yourself from a limiting paradigm of simple divisions to discover more meaningful cycles of time and existence while we gather to dance under the full moon's force. Use a desert journey to reflect and grow from experiences of the season as we enter winter's darkness. Twelve of our favorite artists and DJs will guide us through with powerfully psychedelic music.


:: Live ::

Pondscum (Illuminati - Australia)

Luke hails from Melbourne where he's been writing a compelling style of deep psychedelic trance the past four years in relative obscurity until his driving basslines and intelligently layered soundscapes caught the world's attention on dancefloors. With only a handful of Pondscum tracks available he comes on this first U.S. visit to play a two hour live set of mostly unreleased music you won't hear anywhere else. Listen to the samples linked below for a preview of his outstanding work.

Ocelot (Dropout - San Francisco)

Aaron has been a musician all his life and began writing tracks as oCeLoT five years ago with his first album "Aural Sects" in 2002 followed by "VectorSelector" in 2005. After many months in Europe he returns with exciting new material that pulls you into its ever evolving flow of high energy twisted psytrance.
Parus (Auraquake - San Francisco)

Brothers Mark and Valentin have been musicians since their childhoods in Latvia and formed the Parus project together in 2000. They released three tracks last year on the Auraquake compliation Sesmic Mood and continue to gain recognition through many excellent performances like the one they're sure to give us.
Konflux (Psytribe - Los Angeles)

Vasily became a popular local DJ soon after moving here from Russia in 2001 and utilized his experience producing multifarious styles of electronic music to begin writing psytrance in 2004. He's released tracks made with Jeto as Jetlux and will treat us to a debut live performance of his pounding groovy music.

:: DJ ::

Catalyx (Mindfull - Los Angeles)
Dai (Psytribe - Los Angeles)
Spaceturtle (Mindfull - San Diego)
Organic Mechanics (Organic Sound - San Francisco)
Belgian Goa Madness (Mindfull - Los Angeles)
Spyros (Psytribe - Los Angeles)
Jeto (Kagdila - Los Angeles)
Leo (Ukraine - San Francisco)

Sound by Network 23

XLR8R by the 0mega Crew

The event will be from 8pm to 4pm at an easily accessible private location in the Mojave desert three hours north of Los Angeles and seven hours south of San Francisco. I encourage you to share rides and come early to set up camp before sunset. In autumn the weather won't get hotter than 80 degrees so is perfect for dancing all day and a large fire will keep us warm through the night. Please be sure to bring plenty of your own supplies and containers to take everything back with you.

Admission is $25 at the event.